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Snapper Services LTD

*this project was a part of my internship application


September, 2021


Snapper has won the contract for the new Tesla Space Bus (TM), which is set to revolutionise interstellar public transport. People will travel between planets throughout the galaxy, and need an app to book, pay, use and record their space travel.

My role was to create the initial UX and UI of the new mobile app, plus a short presentation which showed my design, the thinking behind it, any research and user flows.  I was given the Snapper logo and colour palette to utilise.

I created a logo and icons for this project, to add personality to the navigation. The logo would be an animated GIF on the welcome screen. The use of simple line vectors was the most appropriate choice for semiotics, so that they wouldn't conflict with or distract from the incredible photographs of space.

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