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Student project - Yoobee School of Design


September, 2021


To create a new transport app for the Wellington transport system.


  • Perform user research and develop three personas.

  • Develop a Customer Journey Map.

  • Produce a User Flow Diagram.

  • Produce a simple Site Map.

  • Present your research as a single UX Research Report document.

I conducted research on two existing transport apps—Metlink and Snapper—, and interviewed users about their current public transport experiences, current Snapper experiences and opportunities for improvements. From there I created three personas, which all included an at-a-glance demographic, their motivators, behaviours, needs and any specific requirements. I chose one persona to develop further into a customer journey map, and used this map to design an ideal user flow and site map for my transport app.

Based on my research, I created wireframes in Balsamiq, which I then refined in Figma to be a working prototype. This prototype was then user tested, where I asked five people aged between 20–30 to login, top up, find the updates/notifications, look at the number 22 bus service, tag on with their digital card, tag off again, and view and edit their account details.

The results of the user testing were overall positive and users would recommend the app to others. Users loved how straight-forward the app was, and found it very easy to navigate. The choice of colour palette and typography meant the information was presented clearly, and it was considered a good idea having the bus schedules, top up and tag on/off all in one app. Suggestions were made to further enhance the app, such as introducing a way for two people to tag on, and some confusion with certain semiotics and actions (ie. tap vs. swipe when tagging on with the digital card). If I was to revisit this project, these would be areas I would focus on updating.

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