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Social Media Recruitment Q+A


Social Media, Marketing and Brand 
– New Zealand Police


August, 2023


Working with the Social Media team, create digital assets for an Instagram Recruitment Q+A session.

Because of the variety of questions that would come through, I needed to create simple backgrounds that would allow for large bodies of text, images and links. After consulting with the Digital Content Creator for Social Media, we agreed that a subtle gradient version of the Turning of the Tide design would work best, and would work well across the variety of assets we had to create. The white and cyan colours allowed the Q+A to appear bright and fresh, and differentiated it from previous Q+A designs—we wanted something that felt less corporate, and more approachable.

Assets that were created include: a wordmark and icon, story templates for other District pages (to direct viewers to the National page), intro and ending story templates, main Q+A story templates, and a social tile.

The August Q+A session was such a success that we were able to do a second Q+A session in October with even more questions!
Both sessions can be viewed under the 'Q+A' highlight on the New Zealand Police National Instagram page.

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