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Student project - Yoobee School of Design


July, 2021


The Ministry of Youth Development – Te Manatu Whakahiato Taiohi – have identified the issue of closed communication channels between parents and their children. They require the production of an informative campaign that creates awareness and prevention of this issue, and encourages families to connect and communicate in order for everyone to feel loved and safe at home.


  • Create an engaging and interactive product that appeals to families

  • Educate families on the importance of effective communication

  • To empower families to communicate effectively, which will in turn allow youth to feel safe, loved and supported at home

Unfiltered is a family card game, designed to get the whole family talking! The aim of the game is to encourage families to engage in open, positive communication by sharing experiences and learning about one another.

Each round a player draws a question card for everyone to answer. The fun begins when everyone must figure out who answered what! There are three categories: feeling, silly and random! Roll the dice, draw your card and answer truthfully.

This game is designed to be introduced through schools, via guidance counsellors and support people. An accompanying brochure brings awareness to the game, allowing families to choose for themselves if they are interested in engaging with it, free of charge. ​​​​​​​

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