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Geographic Recruitment Campaign


Recruitment – New Zealand Police


March, 2023


Highlighting local staff and towns, design geographic-specific digital and printed collateral for a recruitment campaign run by New Zealand Police.

Working with the Marketing Manager and a Communications Advisor, I created social tiles, posters, digital billboards and newspaper advertorials for localised recruitment targeting—specifically in harder-to-fill towns. The call to action, "Join our whanau in ..." was used to create a friendly, approachable campaign, and we used photographs of local officers that these communities would recognise to further emphasise this.

The newspaper advertorials were written by the Communications Advisor, and placed into local newspapers. We used local officers quotes and images, and some advertorials also highlighted local recruitment events that were happening around this time.

One highlight of this campaign was seeing the officers' reactions to finding their posters around their hometowns—Constable Furze from Ōtaki even sent our team some photos of him and his family posing with his poster!

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